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Our Office

Our Address

Unit C-3-31, Block C
10 Boulevard
Lebuhraya Sprint PJU6A
47400 Petaling Jaya

Our Story


StoreHub is one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing technology company with a revolutionary iPad POS system that changes how retailers manage their businesses and connect with their customers. 

As a venture-backed startup, we have been growing exponentially over the last 4 years and now serve thousands of businesses across the world from our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Manila & Bangkok.

Our goal is to build a culture of meaningful work, where every person on the team works towards a shared vision while engaging their role in a personally satisfying manner.

The people who succeed with us are most clearly defined by their competency and humility. These are the values that are most important to us, and we expect this of every team member at StoreHub starting with our leadership team.

If this is something that you resonate with, we’d love to meet you. Join us in building a new kind of organization, one that is built upon the foundations of excellence, fun and creativity. We look forward to hearing from you!



Trust First
  • Most People believe that trust is something that must be earned. On the contrary, we believe in learning to trust people first, because this kind of belief and faith is what brings out the best in people.

Have Fun
  • We want to build something great, but more important than the end product is our desire to enjoy the journey along the way.

 Obsess over the Details 
  • The difference between a good product and a great product lies in the details. That is why we give ourselves permission to obsess over the details until things are pixel perfect. For us, the Small Things are the big things.

Make their Day 
  • Whether it’s our customers, suppliers, partners, friends or strangers, we want to be that person that makes your day. Everyday.

Abundance Mindset 
  • There is more than enough to go around in this world. No need for a few to hoard at the expense of everybody else. It’s always more blessed to give than to receive.

Serve the Community 
  • All of us are part of the communities we live in, whether we admit it or not. Our heart is to always serve the community, not just take from it.

Our People

It's less important to us here that we get somewhere, it's more important to us that we get there well.

Fong Wai Hong
Co-Founder & Chieftain

More than anything else, the people here, the diversify, the general attitude and the fun-lovingness of people - that's what makes it the best place to work!

Kerry Davis
Head of Operations

Every one (team) has a different goal but everyone's different goals kind of add up to one mutual goal and I think it is very important for each department to talk to each other, to understand what they do individually and how it all adds up in the grand scheme of things, and I think maintaining that standard as we grow is very important.

Sabrina Khaw
Operations Manager

Our Benefits

Fully Stocked Fridge

We believe food should never be more than a 1 min walk away from where people work!

Monthly Outings

We do fun activities monthly. So far we've gone white water rafting, played laser tag, escape room, karaoke and lots more!

Free Friday lunches

We love our food, if you can't already tell. So we buy everyone lunches on Friday!

Medical & Dental Benefits

Free outpatient medical and dental!

Free Parking

Yes! Everyone gets free allocated season parking at our offices.

Apple Macbooks for everybody

Everyone who works at StoreHub will get a brand new Apple Macbook to use!

Our Jobs

There are no jobs available at the moment.