Marketplace Manager

Operations and admin
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

About The Job

Your aim will be to ensure the successful continuance of our business operations and help us in building a solid infrastructure to power our growing health and wellness marketplace, and strengthen our leadership in Asia.
As Marketplace Manager for PurelyB your role would include the following scope:
• To lead the marketplace team in driving & implementing strategies for marketplace sales revenue and merchant growth, working closely with business development, content, marketing & technology teams.
• To manage the marketplace team and coordinate with regional marketplace & technology teams to design and run the Marketplace Operations flow for sales & order fulfillments.
• Further develop the shipping process and tracking for the merchants, as we all as for PurelyB own brand products.
• To negotiate with 3PL for Marketplace sub-account terms and conditions
• Customize regional Marketplace Operations strategy to fit local process and market
• Develop an effective and efficient strategic plan to coordinate with support services (Sales, Finance, Customer Service, IT).
• Work closely with the businesses at both local and regional level to monitor, analyze and improve operations efficiency and capacity.
• Manage PurelyB’s order management system and back-end system (Seller Center & OMS).
• Manage Merchant quality control by monitoring return rates, shipping time, order cancellation, failed pick-up, and customer complaints.
• Design Marketplace Finance flow for daily reconciliation and monthly merchant pay-outs process with Local Marketplace team
• Develop initiatives that drive long-term Marketplace and Merchant operational excellence
• Analyze data on customer behavior on the marketplace and implement improvement strategies to drive marketplace sales, engagement and growth KPIs.
• Identify opportunities by identifying consumer requirements; defining market, competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses; forecasting projected business; establishing targeted market share
KPIs: Customer Satisfaction and Retention, Merchant Satisfaction & Retention, Marketplace Sales Revenue Growth, Marketplace Merchant Database Growth, Operational Flow Excellence.

Your Requirements

You will have an eye for detail, thrive in a process driven, fast-paced, customer focused environment and have the ability to make impartial decisions, quickly and efficiently, based on facts. You must be self-motivated and have the ability to remain calm whilst managing numerous priorities.
Required skillsets and capabilities:
• Good leadership skills
• A few years or relevant prior working experience, ideally in a logistics or e-commerce field preferred
• Proficient in E-commerce back-end systems
• Relevant experience in financial process considered a plus
• Excellent multi-tasking and strong communication skills to coordinate between regional and local teams
• Very good attention to detail and comfort with handling large data sets
• Willing to work in a fast-paced constantly changing and collaborative start-up environment
o Passionate and interested in leading a healthier lifestyle - be it in areas of nutrition, fitness, health or wellness.
o Excellent relationship building skills: Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop and maintain business relationships in addition to excellent presentation and negotiation skills.
o Good research skills
o Ability to work independently as well as within a team
o Data-driven thinker, excellent quantitative skills
o Strong deal-making expertise and operational skills
o Proficient in computer programs such as Power Point, Excel..etc
o Resourceful with a good track record in problem solving: The ability to find solutions and deliver results within a rapid changing, entrepreneurial, technology-driven culture.
o Strong customer, client & partner management skills
o Driven: Thrives in a competitive environment, does what it takes to be THE market leader with integrity.
o Familiar with digital (web and/or mobile) technology products (websites, mobile apps, software tools..etc)

Sounds Like Your Dream Job?

Our Culture

PurelyB: Your Go-To Online Destination for Healthy Living in Asia!

At PurelyB, our mission is to help make it easier and more convenient for people to lead sustainable healthy lifestyles, especially if they live in Asia, where many of the pain points are! There currently isn’t one trusted brand or destination in health and wellness that collaborates and connects other brands and customers end to end – from content to commerce.
Available in English and Chinese, we provide users with guidance and motivation through inspiring articles, videos, recipes and custom-designed health programmes, complete with meal delivery –so they can easily take action and start getting healthy! Our online marketplace then provides the ultimate convenience where users can easily discover and purchase healthy goods and services from trusted sellers globally, in all aspects of health, from fitness to nutrition to holistic wellness.
Winners of the Red Herring Top 100 Startups in Asia awards, we are also graduates of the Stanford Entrepreneurship programme (2 week Technology ventures program in Silicon Valley with MaGIC in Aug 2015) and currently get visitors from all around the Region (and the world - with US, UK & Australia being amongst the top visitor countries) - all achieved initially with no paid advertising. Our long-term goal is to be the #1 preferred health and wellness brand and marketplace in Asia (potentially Worldwide), and truly influence positive lifestyle change.
Come join our dynamic team ranging from leading digital experts in the tech, media and advertising industry to the leading health and wellness experts (natural health doctor, nutritionists, fitness coach..etc) in the Region.
We make healthy living fun and convenient for everyone!