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Exhibition Director (Sales)

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  Primary Responsibilities 
  1. Prepare team strategic and business plans
  2. Prepare team monthly and weekly sales report.        
  3. Prepare team project/event operations schedule.
  4. Prepare team budget for the Department. 
  5. Plan the effective resolution of conflicts associated with the services offered and the operational capability.

  1. Implement the team plans as required
  2. Implement the relevant components of the strategic and business plans. 
  3. Manage the Department to achieve the relevant corporate objectives
  4. Manage the Department within the approved budget
  5. Deliver high levels of customer service without compromising health, safety and environmental policies and obligations
  6. Implement and effectively maintain the QESHMM.
  7. Conduct management reviews of the QESHMM.
  8. Drive team profitability by leading, guiding and steering sales acquisition and consistent account maintenance and follow-up.  
Monitor and measure 
  1. Monitor and measure the implementation of the organisational plans, as required. 
  2. Monitor and measure the department performance against corporate objectives, strategic and business plan outcomes, budget, customer satisfaction and relevant health, safety and environmental objectives and targets.  

  1. Implement and continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department overall performance.

Specific Accountabilities 
  1. Plan and implement the necessary operational business strategies to ensure the long-term profitability of the Department and the Company. 
  2. Plan with the General Manager, Executive Directors, and Managers to maximize the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Company operations. 
  3. Plan the Department operations to ensure that all persons working on the organisation’s behalf operate in a working environment that is free of risk, as far as is practicable.     
  4. Plan the work to deliver world class levels of customer satisfaction and protect the environment during all operational activities. 
  5. Plan to identify all relevant legal and commercial requirements related to the Department operations, including for the staging of events including exhibitions, banquets and other functions.
  6. Plan the efficient and effective use of human and other resources within the organisation.  

  1. Implement the necessary business strategies and other plans to ensure the long term profitability of the Department. 
  2. Oversee the work of each team member to ensure efficiency and effectiveness is maintained. 
  3. Ensure compliance with all relevant legal and commercial requirements related to the Department operations. 

 Monitor and measure 
1.        Continually monitor and measure the Department performance against budget, service, health and safety and environmental objectives and legal compliance. 

1.        Act to correct and continually improve the Department performance.

 Job Specification 
The incumbent of this position would be expected to have the following competencies: 

§  Knowledge and understanding of sales & marketing functions. 

§  Knowledge and understanding of all facets of team sales and operations. 

§  Understanding of market trends and operating standards of the exhibition industry. 

§  Ability to establish, manage and maintain a team of Account Managers and Executives. 

§  Ability to establish, manage and maintain a world class service delivery to clients. 

Job Requirements

 Selection Criteria 
§  Appropriate tertiary qualifications. 

§  More then 5 years working experience needed. 

§  Substantial relevant experience in exhibition, interior design or event management. 

§  Ability to communicate with customers, peers and operational personnel at all levels 

§  Extensive knowledge of sales and operational management in relation to the exhibition industry. 

Our Culture


Our Vision

Companies should have the freedom and choice to present

themselves in the best possible light with peace-of-mind, be it in

exhibitions, events, retail fit-outs or any other medium of marketing


Our Mission

To provide our customer with the best possible solutions that

communicate effectively with their target audiences – and in doing so –

reinforce our efforts to add value and quality , thereby achieving the

best possible results.


Radius was established in Singapore in 1997 and has branch offices located in Malaysia, Shanghai, Beijing, Thailand. It is a member of BRAIN International with partners in India, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan. Along with our formidable capabilities in exhibitions, events and interior architecture, we also provide a host of other related marketing solutions, offering you a holistic approach to all your marketing needs. Combining our forward- looking perspective with a “ good old” sense of pride in quality, Radius has – over the years, built our brand on trusted relationships with our customer in the industry. This trust , in turn forms one of the cornerstones we depend upon in our mission to provide excellence in all aspects.