Acquisition Executive

Sales and marketing
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Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Our next biggest asset after human capital is no doubt vehicles and car parking lots. You hold an extremely important role at SOCAR because without these important puzzles in place, our operations cannot function effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Acquire parking lot for car-sharing spots (Socar-zone) based on local characteristics, urban infrastructure, customer’s demand.
  2. Acquire visible, accessible, convenient parking lot for service. 
  3. Control and coordinate vehicle deployment heading to secured spot. 
  4. Monitor and manage performance of every spot and vehicle. Allocate suitable vehicle based on analysed historical data. 
  5. Prevent and resolve operating issues on site. 
  6. Manage parking rates, negotiate with parking lot providers, reduce direct expenses. 
  7. Make an in/exterior of Socar-zone more visible, accessible by signage installation. 
  8. Build a business strategy based on local characteristics and vehicle usage pattern.

Job Requirements

  1. Having a Malaysian driving license with driving experience over a 1 year. 
  2. Basic knowledge about vehicle’s organization and ability of light repair. 
  3. Excellent communication, negotiation skills and organization skills is a MUST.
  4. Proactive in finding new zone leads, through business directories, client referrals, etc. 
  5. Candidate with relevant work experience in similar position like parking lot operating industry, car sharing or ride sharing business are highly encouraged to apply.  
  6. High understanding about urban characteristic. 
  7. Flexibility to resolve various issues on operations. 
  8. Ability to analyse data and predict flow of service. 
  9. Experience & exposure in start-up environment. 
  10. Fluency in the use of standard IT tools (MS Office etc) 
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Our Culture


Building trust amongst our members and delighting our customers are values that we will never compromise. 
  • You get the chance to personally change the way your city works and the way people drive. 
  • Get access to cool cars and fun events.
  • Change to get first hand experience in a fast growing start-up.


SOCAR is a technology mobility company that develops mobile apps allowing users to book, unlock and drive a car of their choice at their own convenience. 
By downloading this app, members can now access additional choice and flexibility by just tapping a few buttons. 
Through a strategic parking zone development programme, members can now enjoy short term flexible rentals at just a short distance away. 
SOCAR’s mission is to use its technology to drive the adoption of carsharing and to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles on cities. Each shared vehicle can replace up to 13 individually-owned vehicles, and SOCAR aims to partner with the community help them reclaim their city. By reducing the need for parking and taking cars off the road, SOCAR can also work together with cities and governments to solve the problem of traffic congestion.