Innovative Human Intern

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Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

About Human Inc 
We are an enthusiastic team of Humans dedicated to solving current + future business challenges through innovation with a Human touch. We help organisations Work Different by boosting their leadership skills, culture and innovation capacity. We offer an integrated suite of courses including Design Thinking, Creative Leadership, Leading Innovation and Agile Projects. We also run Solution Design ­Labs for organisations who want to combine accelerated learning with business innovation projects. 

Do You Have What It Takes?
As an Innovation Human Intern you will be exposed to two important aspects of an organisation:
  1. Delivery - working with clients and supporting their development in becoming highly innovative organizations, and 
  2. Operations - working with the internal team on operational and strategic projects to help drive our culture and effectiveness through internal prototypes

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Support our facilitators in delivering and facilitating tailored solutions and programs for our clients, mainly through project + client management 
  • Create impact reports and documentation of the client journey 
  • Continually work to improve and innovate workshop content and the development of tools
  • Work closely with team leaders to prioritize business needs
  • Support online and offline marketing strategy, tactics and execution
  • Identify and define new process improvement opportunities
  • Provide support with day-to-day tasks - Finance, Operations, People & Culture, IT & Systems, Knowledge Management 
  • Contribute to our business goals based on your own expertise!

What can I expect?
Here's a non-exhaustive list of areas you will be growing over the course of 3-6 months, and what we commit to provide you with. If these excite or interest you, we'd love to hear from you! 
  1. A challenging role that requires you to learn how to be agile, flexible and focused 
  2. Flexibility in determining the route of your internship (Delivery and/or Operations) based on your interest/experience
  3. A role that challenges you to grow personally and professionally 
  4. An organisation that is built on the foundation of fluidity in structure and strength in diversity 
  5. A self directed journey for avid learners 
  6. (Post internship) A full-time role supporting Operations and/or Delivery, dependent on your overall performance

Job Requirements

Job Requirements

  • Be fluent in English (at the minimum) and ideally another language (local or international) 
  • Be able to communicate well, hold intellectual discussions, and be strategic in your thinking 
  • Be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of innovation and technology (read: If you can't explain what Design Thinking, Innovation, Agile Projects, Labs, Customer Validation or Prototypes are, this is not for you) 
  • Be intellectually curious, be a proactive problem-solver, have the ability to execute ideas and be empathetic
  • Ideally, you have just graduated (within 1-3 years), or are about to graduate from university

What does the process look like? 

  • Application - send your CV/resume to [email protected]
  • Upon completion, fill in this document 
  • When we have vetted through your application, we will be in touch with you to organise our first round of conversations together 

Our Culture


We believe in a future where all organisations are human-centered.

We help these organisations boost learning, culture and innovation by providing them with the framework, behaviour and tools needed to Work Different. We support innovation projects, including app development, through our expertise in Design Thinking, Creative Leadership, Cx4 Innovation Strategy, Solution Design Labs and Agile Projects.

We have a combined experience of more than 50+ years in Innovation, Design Thinking and Consultancy across banking, electronic consumer goods, governments, food & beverage, startups, non-government organisations, aviation, fast moving consumer goods and logistics sectors.