Awesome Rails Developer

Information technology
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TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

WOBB is growing our tech team, and we are currently looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to join us. 
You will be working on our RoR back-end, enhancing and improving our web application by adding cool new features and capabilities.
Strong motivation to explore and seek out the best methods and technologies to be used by all the jobseekers and employers out there.
If you're interested to find out what it's like to work at WOBB, check out our Culture Page. 

Job Requirements

Ideal candidates will have experience in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, whether you've only done it recently, or up to 5 years. 
Enjoy working in a fast-paced product development startup environment, building new features and products, preferably with a strong back-end development background.
Ability to learn fast, and a passion for learning absolutely essential.
Diverse programming language experience preferred.
Expert understanding of OO programming and/or functional programming design patterns.
Able to effectively implement and utilise the myriad of cloud services on AWS and GCP.

Bonus Points: 
- Experience with AngularJS and Ionic, 
- Front-end development experience, 
- If you have good design sense, that would be awesome too.
- 12 factor devotee.
- Agile manifesto advocate.
- Knowledge of Python would be an added advantage.
- Familiarity with Elasticsearch, API.AI and machine learning.

Our Culture


WOBB is a Malaysian job search platform founded in 2014 by Derek Toh, a former Associate Director at recruitment firm Robert Walters, Malaysia. We officially launched our mobile app and website in 2015, generating positive traction and feedback from purpose-driven and innovation-led employers searching for a job platform that focuses on company culture. 

WOBB believes that both employers and jobseekers have been looking for an alternative to old-fashioned traditional web-based job platforms that have not evolved for many years. WOBB brings mobile technology, rich media employer branding content, and interactivity to the job searching experience for Gen Y talent.

With this emphasis on company culture and transparency, WOBB offers jobseekers a simple way to browse jobs on their smartphones and take virtual tours through media rich Company Profiles. WOBB enables jobseekers to not just choose jobs, but choose the right companies – saving time for both employers and jobseekers. Employers, regardless of size and industry, will be able to gain access to the best talent by allowing jobseekers to peek into their company culture with just a simple tap.

Our mission is to be the number 1 job platform in Asia championing the future of work. A future that includes Generation Y & Z, company culture, big data, A.I. and mobile technology. A future where finding a job you love is only one swipe away


- 7 Star Service
To wow our customers and users through an exceptional level of service.

- Move Fast
The ability to get things done quickly. This can be demonstrated by meeting deadlines consistently, or better yet, beating them!

- Take Initiative
Always thinking ahead and doing what needs to be done to fulfil your role without being asked, instead of just reacting to situations or people.

- Take Smart Risks
Push boundaries by doing new things that move the company forward. Not being afraid to fail, but still thinking before acting.

- Communicate with Radical Candor
When communicating, always be direct and transparent while still ensuring that it is in the interest of the listener and the team.

- The 80:20 Rule
Understand the goal of each activity and choose the path that requires the least resources to produce the maximum impact.

- Support & Thank Each Other
Help your teammates and show appreciation if you are the receiver of that help.

- Raise Your Standards
Producing quality work and being uncompromising in fulfilling KPIs, while constantly improving the standard of your work.

- 110%
Work hard and go beyond what is expected!