Super Intern

Sales and marketing
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TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

At WOBB, we are looking to transform how young talent like yourself find amazing jobs. 
If you're looking for an internship, why don't you consider going on this journey with us? 

We are currently looking for WOBBsters to join our team to help us with, well, anything that will allow us to reach our goals!

The best part about interning with WOBB is that if you're particularly good at anything, we'll do out best to make sure that you use and build on that strength while you're here with us. 

Forget making copies and grabbing coffee. You'll be given real responsibilities at WOBB. This internship is for those of you who like to take charge and genuinely want to contribute value. 

Your Requirements

We welcome students from various disciplines, or even if you're only considering doing something part-time. 

We are looking for someone with the following values! 
- Take Initiative
- Raise Your Standards
- Faster Lah!

WOBB's needs would be most relevant for Business, Management, Marketing, Communication, and Tech backgrounds. But, we'll consider applications from all faculties. 

Only applicants who are currently studying or just graduated will be considered. 

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Our Culture


Our mission is to be the number 1 job platform in Asia championing the future of work.

A future that includes Generation Y & Z, company culture, big data, A.I. and mobile technology. A future where finding a job you love is only one swipe away


- 7 Star Service. 
- Faster Lah! 
- Take Initiative. 
- Take Smart Risks. 
- Communicate with Radical Candor. 
- The 80:20 Rule. 
- Support & Thank Each Other.
- Raise Your Standards
- Think About WHY.