Creative Executive

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TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Hopefully you've seen all the awesome creative work we have on WOBB!
It doesn't just happen automatically. Behind the scenes, we have a team of awesome people working hard to make all the magic happen. 
You will be responsible for assisting the marketing team's creative initiatives.
You'll work closely with our Senior Content Producer (he's extremely extroverted and a little TOO happy all the time!)

Once you learn the ropes, you'll be:

  • In charge of managing The Daily WOBB, our online magazine (our fancy way of saying blog). 

  • Contribute written content to The Daily WOBB and other marketing initiatives.

  • You'll also assist in photo and video work, including video editing and camera handling. Check out our Company Profiles to see what we mean :) 

  • Work on graphic design on an ad hoc basis. Sometimes we need pretty stuff for social media, emails, and other marketing initiatives. 

Sounds good?

Your Requirements

  • Ability to work with Adobe Premiere, handle video editing, and have some skills with the camera. An eye for detail will really help! 

  • Knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for design work is needed. You will be making stuff look pretty.

  • English proficiency, both spoken and written must be good enough to not make ears and eyes bleed. You should also have knowledge on how to use a basic word processor (Microsoft Word and all the other Microsoft stuff). 

  • Great team and communication skills is a must! We are very collaborative here.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision. We need someone dependable - organisational and time management skills are a MUST!

Training will be provided, but some knowledge in the above is preferred. 
Only Malaysians will be considered for this position.

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